In Memory

Dave Mecham

Dave Mecham

Played drums for the bands The Saints, Prophet and Captain Flash.

Born: March 26, 1950

Died: September 5, 1976 (of Hodgkin's Disease)

Buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Springville Utah

Dan Doty (original bass player with Captain Flash) said: "He was a hell of a drummer. Dave was a gentle giant of a guy, I went over to his house about a week before he died and he told me the treatments were worse than the disease and if he was gonna die he was Ok with that. I loved the guy and miss him even now."  [Dave was a] Springville native and one MONSTER DRUMMER! 

Jeff Ellertson said: "This guy was such a dynamic drummer, we rarely had to mike his kit! He hit that hard!"


Dave Mecham, playing drums with the band - The Saints in either 1964 or 1965.

Headstone in Evergreen Cemetery (Springville, Utah)