Steve Long

Profile Updated: April 15, 2012
Steve Long
Residing In: SLC, UT USA
Homepage or Facebook (if any): View Website
Current Occupation: Business owner
Spouse/Partner: Lisa
Children: Chad, Lucy
Steve Long

old days

Yes! Attending Reunion
Bands You've Played With (list):

Summit Rhode
August Cross
Toxic Shock

I am currently recording new albums and video
with BetaDragonKing to be released on our Youtube channel (BetaDragonKing)

Instrument(s) you play (and/or vocals):

Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Harmonica, Some Brass

Current Musical Equipment:

1963 Fender Strat
1952 Fender Precision Bass
1962 Strat Re-Issue
1976 Les Paul Deluxe
1957 Anniversery Edition Goldtop Les Paul
1984 Moonstone Flying V
2006 Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang
Ibanez 6 string acoustic
Taylor 12 string
1960 Yamaha 12 string
Gibson Re-Issue Anniversery Roy Smeck Radio Grande
1983 Fender Super Champ
1983 Fender Super Champ Touring edition
Fender Cybertwin
1968 Marshall full stack
Mark bass amp
Roland synthesizer
Roland tdk-9 drums

Bio and Band Stories:

Playing next to Rick Bos when I was 15 at The Old Club on Center Street in Provo. I don't remember the name of the club because it changed names so many times. On the corner of 2nd west. He's 6'8" and I was 5'6". We played Rock Candy by Montrose. I felt so small standing next to him.

One night while building our own little studio room in the basement of a place called Bandley sound company (Reese would
let us come in and stay all night if we wanted ) between 2nd and 3rd so on university avenue, My old band Summit Rhode decided to go onto the roof and play Get Back. The cops came because it was 1 am and told us to stop from the ground. We
finished the last chorus and split.

Bandley Sound was just a shell mostly except for on the second floor. I walked in one night and found a killer recording studio completely empty.
The best part was a grand piano was right there.
so I sat down and began to play Imagine By John Lennon.
I was so involved I didn't notice anyone come in until the drums came in at the exact spot in the song. I finished playing the song with eye contact and a smile from some one I didn't know. When it was done I met Sam Foster A great guy and a big help later on.